My Plan for Scunthorpe

When I was elected, I set out some of the key areas I wanted to address for the betterment of our local area. Below, you can find out what it is that I want to achieve for our area, and exactly how I have worked to achieve them.

  • Improving Public Transport

    The affordability of public transport has become increasingly difficult, due to the current cost of living crisis.

  • Tackling anti-social behaviour

    It continues to be brought to my attention that local residents are facing instances of anti-social behaviour.  We are seeing off-road bikes being used where they shouldn't, motorbike theft and littering among other public nuisances.

  • Working with our Schools

    We have an incredible set of schools and colleges in our area. I regularly correspond with the teachers in our area to make them aware of new opportunities and ensure they have the resources they need.

  • Protecting and promoting our world-class British Steel

    A secure, long-term future for our steelworks is not just essential for Scunthorpe, but for the country. It is not uncommon for Ministers and colleagues to refer to me as the 'steel lady', as they know what my priorities in Westminster are!

  • Upgrading Scunthorpe Hospital

    The campaign continues to secure an upgraded, or new, Scunthorpe Hospital. We have already made good progress in securing a £50 million investment into both a new Accident and Emergency Department and a refurbished Acute Assessment Unit where the old A&E was.