Working with our Schools

I regularly correspond and work with our local headteachers to ensure that we can work together to get the best for our local children. 

This includes working with them to campaign for the government to provide holiday Free School Meals, to ensure that, education-wise, our on-ground situation is considered by the government, and to push for our area to get more funding and facilities.  Lockdowns have made local visits more difficult to arrange but it's been really good to have been able to do Q&A sessions with several local schools, colleges and Scout groups.


Question to Education Secretary on Constituent's University Admission

I have today asked the Education Secretary to review the university application of Scunthorpe resident Hannah Moat in Parliament. Hannah is an elite athlete that was due to study at Loughborough University, but her place was rejected due to a clerical error that her school made when inputting her centre-assessed grade.

Campaign success for Free School Meals to be extended this Summer

Having lobbied the government heavily on this matter I am pleased that the government has announced plans to set up a "Covid Summer Food Fund" to provide food vouchers covering the six-week holiday period.


Please find below the Education Secretary's letter to MPs.