About Holly Mumby-Croft

Holly was first elected into Parliament in the 2019 General Election. 

She was born in Scunthorpe hospital and has lived in the local area all of her life. Four generations of Holly’s family currently live in North Lincolnshire, and her mum is from Barnsley. Holly attended Sir John Nelthorpe School in Brigg and Brigg Sixth form college followed by reading English and History at Lincoln University.

Holly is married with one daughter, who was also born in Scunthorpe hospital and attends a local school. As well as being a mum, Holly is a very keen auntie and enjoys spending time with family. 

Before being elected to Parliament Holly was a North Lincolnshire Councillor and chaired the North Lincolnshire wide Health Scrutiny Panel from 2015 until her election to parliament. Holly was also North Lincolnshire Council’s lead member for Young People and Skills and served on the planning committee and licensing committee. 

Holly’s grandad worked for 30 years at the Scunthorpe Steelworks and she has strong connections to the site, often having visited to go on tours as a child. She is passionate about protecting the future of Scunthorpe Steelworks and Steel production in the UK. 

As Co-Chair of the 'All Party Parliamentary Group for Steel and Metal Related Industries', she works closely with other Members of Parliament and UK Steel leaders to represent their interests. Recently Holly asked the Prime Minister to ensure that HS2 should be built with Steel from the UK and especially from Scunthorpe. 

Holly has a lot of pride in being Scunthorpe's representative in Parliament. She sees Scunthorpe as a place that has given so much to Britain, especially as its Steel Hub. She believes that more should be said about our Steelworkers' contributions during the war period, and that British Steel has played a pivotal role in the rebuilding of our nation. 

Since she was elected Holly has insisted that she will not take the people of Scunthorpe for granted. She believes that she has "borrowed" their votes, and tries her best to prove herself in the time she's being given. Her motto is that she is Scunthorpe's representative in Westminster, not the other way around, and that her job is always to "Stand up for Scunthorpe". She spends her time between her office in Parliament and her office in Oswald Road (Scunthorpe), and commutes between London and Scunthorpe every week. 

Holly enjoys cycling and has previously cycled the 'Coast to Coast' route from Liverpool to Hornsea. On a rare day off Holly can be found searching for unusual fossils on the Holderness coast, no matter what the weather! 

Along with her mum, Holly is an avid listener of Radio 4's The Archers, and particularly enjoys catching up on missed episodes on the train journey back to Scunthorpe at the end of a week in Westminster. 


These are the "routine work" in Parliament that Holly does as MP on a daily basis 

  • Actioning on the hundreds of email that come in on a daily basis.


  • Overseeing and taking action on casework
    For example, ensuring our most vulnerable are given access to food, supporting those who are on our "shielded" list, working with our Embassies to repatriate our stranded citizens, actioning on immigration cases, benefit cases, housing cases etc. 


  • Working as Chair of the Steel Parliamentary Group to protect our British steel and get more support for our steel industry
    Her role includes chairing a meeting between MPs, steel stakeholders and HS2 to push for British steel for British projects, and writing to letters to the PM 


  • Policy correspondence
    which I will always respond in person, and if appropriate, take action by lobbying the government or provide constituents with the assurances they need. This includes responding to "postcard campaigns" - identical campaign cards that come en-masse to her office.


  • Participating in policy briefings, listening in to Parliamentary debates, and researching on policy issues that I will be voting on. 


  • Holding ministers to account
    Whether by asking questions, writing to them, forwarding constituency concerns, or confronting them when she is in Westminster. 


  • Regular meetings with our local NHS Trust, Humberside Resilience Forum, our local police, North Lincs Council, and government ministers.


  • Lobbying the government on wider issues
    For example, working with our headteachers to successfully push for Free School Meals to be extended this summer in July or pushing for a Self-Employment Support Scheme and Council Discretionary Fund in March/April.


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These are the "routine work" in Parliament where I do on a daily basis 

Actioning on the hundreds of email that come in on a daily basis.