Upgrading Scunthorpe Hospital

The campaign continues to secure an upgraded, or new, Scunthorpe Hospital. We have already made good progress in securing a £50 million investment into both a new Accident and Emergency Department and a refurbished Acute Assessment Unit where the old A&E was. The local Hospital also obtained funding from the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme last year to to replace their aging boiler with a geothermal heating system, install more solar panels and utilise LED lighting.

The former North Lincolnshire and Goole Trust has now put forward a joint bid with Hull's NHS Trust for a new £350 million Hospital in Scunthorpe, as part of the Government's New Hospitals Programme. It has the support of all North Lincolnshire MPs, including myself. . I previously met with the former Secretary of State for Health and Social Care and former Minister of State for Health to make the argument for this bid, and have written to the current Secretary of State to reassert our case.



NHS Staffing Figures here in North Lincolnshire

Our local NHS services are absolutely vital in ensuring residents’ wellbeing. We are seeing massive improvements made to our health infrastructure here in Scunthorpe, with the likes of our brand new A&E and Community Diagnostic Centre, which are making a real difference.