Supporting our local businesses, community groups, and building up our high street

As your MP I am always keen to support local businesses and community groups. One of my priorities over the next five years is to build up our local area and high street, and by doing so bring more opportunities for our residents, especially our young people. 


Response from Sports Minister on Gyms

Last year, I wrote to the Sports Secretary regarding the reopening of gyms on behalf of a number of residents, and have now received a response. Read the letter here.

Letter from Minister on Support for Sports

The Minister for Sport has written to all MPs today, highlighting the government's £2 billion package to support sport along with the funds still available for grassroots organisations. The letter is below.

Celebrating £30 million "new money" for Scunthorpe in Towns Fund Debate

"With the Towns Fund, the investments we’ve seen over the last year and a Freeport agreed, this Government has finally aligned the stars and recognised Scunthorpe for what it actually is - the ideal place for businesses to invest and grow, a great place to live and an area of our country with fan

Letter to the Chancellor supporting a freeze on Fuel Duty

We shouldn't be adding costs that disproportionately affect less well-off regions. As a result, I have signed letters to the Chancellor encouraging him to freeze Fuel Duty in the upcoming budget. Read the letter here.