Local Update: September

As usual, please get in touch with me directly via my email or my contact form (click here) if you would like to discuss any of these issues. 


Dear Resident,

Whilst Parliament has been in Recess over the Summer, I have spent the past month working with my office at Oswald Road, writing letters, meeting and talking with residents, and catching-up on the feedback to my surveys. 

Surveying my local broadband surveys


I continued to make representations on behalf of Scunthorpe residents by writing to Ministers and North Lincs Council, and tabling "Written Questions" in Parliament.

Speaking in the Fisheries Bill debate 


Yesterday Parliament resumed sitting, and I was in the Commons to listen and contribute to the debate on the Fisheries Bill, which will replace the Common Fisheries Policy. 


Progress Report: 
Upgrading Scunthorpe Hospital 


What is being done? 

I continue to work on our bid for an upgrade to Scunthorpe Hospital that will be submitted in before the end of the year. It was great to see a new Surgical Ward open this month for emergency patients, providing more capacity in the Winter months.

For residents who rely on health services, I have made representations to the Health Secretary, our local NHS trust and our Clinical Commissioning Group to call for key services, such as maternity services to resume as soon as possible. 

What's next? 

Work continues on our bid for a Scunthorpe General Hospital upgrade. Meanwhile, I have requested for further talks with the Ministerial team at the Department of Health and Social Care

Progress Report: 
Protecting and promoting our world-class British Steel

What is being done? 

It was amazing to get the chance to get my hands dirty in the steelworks during recess too, I’m not sure the hottest day of the year was the best time to volunteer to do an 8 hour shift but it was really useful to learn more about steel making and have the chance to chat to everyone.

I’m really grateful to have been made so welcome; our steelworks is an awesome place!


What's next? 

I will continue to work to get the Government to use more British Steel on key projects. Just today I have had a meeting with a UK energy company to ask them to sign the "Steel Charter" for their projects.

Progress Report: 
Improving general road safety


What is being done? 

Residents have made me aware of recent incidents where they, as pedestrians, they have been put at risk due to anti-social behaviour from people on bikes.

I know that people cycling on pavements (illegally!) is a common problem on our high street and have raised the issue with North Lincs Council and the local Police. 

NLC also recently launched the new "JustGo!" Bus services, which will allow residents to book bus services either via a call or the "JustGo!" App. You can learn more about it here: https://www.justgonorthlincs.co.uk/

The launch is something that I am following closely, and I am keen to hear feedback from residents on how the service is performing. Please let me know if you have any issues with "JustGo" and I will relay it to NLC. 

What's next?  

I will be backing NLC on their bid to improve local cycling routes, and continue to raise the issue regarding the A15 in Parliament. As I have said above please write to me if there are any issues with "JustGo", or any local roads, and my team and I will be on the case!

Progress Report: 
Supporting our local businesses, community groups, and building up our high street


What is being done? 

Residents around Berkeley Park have been working hard to deter the increasing anti-social behaviour in the area. This is something that I am currently working with NLC and the local police team to resolve, with more updates to follow. 

It was a pleasure to be involved in setting up the virtual Apprenticeships Fair on 17th August in partnership with North Lincs Council. I hope that the government’s promise of an extra £2,000 for each new apprentice hired aged under 25 will lead to even more opportunities over the next year.

Visiting local mental health service Creative Therapy

I continue to provide local "Business Updates" which you can sign up to here. All records of my Business Updates can be read on my website, with the latest edition here. You may have seen that I prepared a list of funding opportunities for charities and not-for-profits in Scunthorpe too.

What's next?  

I will be attending a hospitality industry roundtable meeting with the Prime Minister’s Policy Team and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport later this month. I would like to make sure that I am able to represent the voices of our area and will be writing to businesses subscribed to my business update to seek their views. If you know of anyone who owns or works in a local hospitality business please ask them to get in touch with their views via my Hospitality Survey here. 

Progress Report: 
 Working with our Schools


What is being done? 

There is no doubt that the past month has been a stressful time for students and teachers. But I am really happy to have pushed hard for positive changes - scrapping the algorithm and removing the cap on university places- that will allow students to move onto the university or employer of their choice. 

With the return to classrooms underway in Scunthorpe schools and beyond, I have been writing to parents who have contacted me seeking reassurances on whether the classroom setting is safe. You can view the government guidance here, but do not be afraid to get in touch with your child’s school or me if you need further clarification.


What's next?  

Most of the students who have been in touch with my office have had their cases resolved. I am currently lobbying ministers to help those who still require further assistance, such as those who had their results downgraded due to administrative error. If you know of anyone who is still affected please ask them to get in touch with my office directly. 

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Take care and stay safe,