COVID-19 Business Update 03/04/2020

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Update - 03/04/2020  

Good evening,

Apologies for the recent lack of updates – not necessarily bad news as I believe most of the basic support and provisions have been dealt with so far. It’s just a matter for us to plug the gaps and help those who have fallen through.  
I’ve also been told that NLC is in the process of approving and distributing grants – some of you should have received them by now but please be patient otherwise!
Coronavirus Business Interruption Loans (CBIL)
I have been made aware that some of you may find the process for CBILs rather difficult. On a few occasions I have had to put pressure on banks to “reconsider” CBIL applications that were inexplicably denied. Here’s a positive update.

  • Earlier this week the Business Secretary had said that it is unacceptable for banks to unfairly refuse loans – quite right!
  • The Chancellor has extended CBIL to smaller businesses - more details to follow
  • Lenders are banned from requesting personal guarantees on loans under £250,000

If you get a short “verbal” refusal to your CBIL application, contact me immediately. Everything should be in writing or I will ask them to either reconsider or give a proper reason to refuse your application. If you felt like you were being unfairly treated, contact me.
We are also expecting an update from the Chancellor in the coming days. With further details on furlough and business support.
PPE Equipment
I am working very closely with our CCG and NHS Trust to make sure our that heroic frontline NHS staff gets the PPE equipment they need.

The Government has extended its distribution of PPE equipment for care homes – if you are in need of PPE please contact the Supply Disruption Hotline below:
Phone: 0800 915 9965

Other industry specific updates:

The campaign continues:

These are official letters that I can share publicly – I have also forwarded the more specific concerns you have raised with me directly to the relevant ministerial departments.
Lastly if you know a business in Scunthorpe that’s struggling please can you send them my way? In the past few weeks I have been working with several businesses across Scunthorpe and am keen to do more to keep our business afloat and our people taken care of. 
Do take care and have a good (socially distanced) weekend.
Take care,