Being your voice in Parliament

These are the "routine work" in Parliament where I do on a daily basis 

  • Actioning on the hundreds of email that come in on a daily basis.


  • Overseeing and taking action on casework
    For example, ensuring our most vulnerable are given access to food, supporting those who are on our "shielded" list, working with our Embassies to repatriate our stranded citizens, actioning on immigration cases, benefit cases, housing cases etc. 


  • Working as Chair of the Steel Parliamentary Group to protect our British steel and get more support for our steel industry
    My role has included chairing a meeting between MPs, steel stakeholders and HS2 to push for British steel for British projects, and writing to letters to the PM such as the one you can read here-


  • Policy correspondence
    which I will always respond in person, and if appropriate, take action by lobbying the government or provide constituents with the assurances they need. This includes responding to "postcard campaigns" - identical campaign cards that come en-masse to my office.


  • Participating in policy briefings, listening in to Parliamentary debates, and researching on policy issues that I will be voting on. 


  • Holding ministers to account
    Whether by asking questions, writing to them, forwarding constituency concerns, or confronting them when I am in Westminster. 


  • Regular meetings with our local NHS Trust, Humberside Resilience Forum, our local police, North Lincs Council, and government ministers.


  • Lobbying the government on wider issues
    For example, working with our headteachers to successfully push for Free School Meals to be extended this summer in July or pushing for a Self-Employment Support Scheme and Council Discretionary Fund in March/April.


This is in addition to the duties I carried out pre-coronavirus, such as surgeries and business visits. I look forward to being able to restart these activities again!

Here you can read my latest questions, speeches, letters and appearances in Parliament (provided by theyworkforyou). I occasionally post videos of my questions and speeches on my Facebook and on my Website. 

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