Asking the Prime Minister to use British Steel for HS2

Today the Prime Minister announced his decision to green-light HS2, alongside his plans for further rail networks in the North through “Northern Powerhouse Rail”, and the allocation of an extra £5 billion to improve busses and cycling lanes nationally.

My position regarding HS2 is clear. Personally, I would have preferred immediate investments in the “Northern Powerhouse Rail” that will provide benefits more local to Scunthorpe. However, at this stage HS2 is much closer to implementation, and our local economy stands to benefit tremendously if the Government chooses to use our steel for the project.

This is why today I asked the Prime Minister to commit to using our world class Scunthorpe Steel for HS2, and for future projects such as the "Northern Powerhouse Rail." I’m pleased that the Prime Minister has remembered our steelworkers and has pledged to do his utmost to continue using steel produced in the UK and in Scunthorpe.

This will be an ongoing lobbying effort and as the co-Chair of the Steel Parliamentary Group I will be working with MPs from all sides to lobby the Government to use British steel for HS2. I am also keen to work with North Lincs Council to get a share of the £5 billion fund to improve our local bus services.