Update on new special school and better investment in Scunthorpe

Update 24/07/20: The Education Minister has written a letter to MPs regarding the launch of T-Levels, and I have attached it to the bottom of this post.

Update 23/07/20: North Lindsey College have been chosen to provide the new T-Level programmes from September. This is really welcome news for our area, providing a new pathway for young adults when they leave high school. A balance of rigorous classroom education, industry experience and a decent wage could set these students up for life. Read more about this here.

I'm very pleased to see that Scunthorpe’s bid for a Free Special School has been given the go-ahead to move to its next phase. 

This follows the government’s announcement that all schools in Scunthorpe will see an increase in pupil-led funding from 2021, whilst it has been confirmed that colleges in our town will benefit from the government’s School Rebuilding Programme. A pay rise for school teachers has also just been announced.

A New SEN School to come to town

Wellspring Academy Trust has been given the go-ahead to run a new Free School for post-16 SEN children in Scunthorpe. 

I hope that this new development will provide a coherent pathway through each level of education in Scunthorpe, allowing the transition from St. Luke’s Primary Special School, to St. Hugh’s Secondary Special School, to our proposed Free Special School. This transition will allow students the targeted support and advice they need to reach higher education or employment.

As the Trust works to convert our vision into reality, the next stage will see the Education Minister decide whether to enter into a funding agreement with the Trust, then a provisional opening date will be set. I will, of course, play my part to support NLC and the Trust by making representations on their behalf to the Government. 

You can read the Education Ministers' letter to me here. 

More money for existing schools in Scunthorpe

Every school in Scunthorpe stands to benefit from an increase in pupil-led funding from 2021 after the Education Secretary released the official figures yesterday. As you can see from the table below, all schools will receive at least a 2% increase per pupil, rising up to 7.3%. I stood on a manifesto that promises at least £5,000 a year for each secondary school pupil and at least £4,000 for each primary school pupil, and I am glad to see that this promise has been kept in our area.

Funding by School in Scunthorpe

Scunthorpe benefits from School Rebuilding Programme

In the Prime Minister’s ‘Build, Build, Build’ speech in Dudley a short time ago, he outlined a new ‘School building Programme’, which included £1.5 billion to refurbish our Further Education Sector.

I am delighted to say that three schools and colleges in Scunthorpe will undergo renovations thanks to this programme:

  • John Leggott Sixth Form College

  • Huntcliff School

  • Hibaldstow Academy

The proposed revamps will include roof replacements and new heating systems. Having worked with them over Summer Free School Meals and the Covid Voucher Scheme in recent weeks I am pleased to see that our schools are given the support they need. 

Pay Rise for School Teachers

Giving teachers a deserved reward for their tireless efforts over recent months, the Chancellor today announced a 3.1% pay rise for school teachers starting from September.

This breaking news is very welcome and reflects the government's recognition of our teacher's importance, and I hope it goes some way to show our country's gratitude.

Opportunities for our young people

Earlier this month the Chancellor has also announced the Government's Kickstart Scheme, Apprenticeship boost, and Traineeship Boost, which will provide incentives for employers to hire young people and provide them with work experience. This is in addition to the Job Retention Bonus which helps employers keep their furloughed employees. I have spoken to local employers and this has been warmly received, and I am currently working with North Lincs Council to try and find a way to do a jobs fair so that we can bring these job opportunities to our youth. 


I will continue to work with education leaders and Local Authorities to secure what we need for our children to be "levelled-up". 

We must match the ambition and drive of our children in Scunthorpe, and we can help them earn their goals by getting the infrastructure, resources and opportunities to match anywhere else in the UK.


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