Response from the Chancellor on Small Businesses

The Chancellor has responded to the letter I wrote recently regarding access to grants for small businesses and other issues affecting firms in Scunthorpe. I wrote to ask for clarity on the fate of multiple businesses under one ratepayer, with guidance for Local Authorities instructing them to pass Small Business Grants only to the name on the rates. Since then, Councils have been given money to hand out discretionary grants for those outside eligibility but still in need.

I also encouraged claim assessors to use more discretion when rateable values were slightly over the threshold, as many people were still desperate for that money despite being over. This has also been addressed with the discretionary grants

Some residents had also enquired about the taxability of these grants, which I passed onto the Chancellor. Finally, I questioned the responsibility of insurers, who had failed to payout on business interruption insurance in the moment of highest need.

My letter and the Chancellor's response is below.


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