Local Update: 1st July 2020

Progress updates on Scunthorpe Hospital, British Steel, supporting our businesses, improving our roads, and working with our schools.

Resumption of Driving Tests and MOTs

The Transport Minister has written to MPs confirming that driving lessons, then tests, will be recommencing in the coming weeks, as will MOTs. I have posted the letter at the bottom of this page, and the key information is quoted below.


Major Roadworks set to begin on local Motorways and A-Roads

There is some upcoming essential maintenance work on the M180/M181/A180/A160. Parts of the motorways will be resurfaced, with markings and studs added as well as some work done on the bridge carrying Woad Lane over the A180.

Response to concerns by residents regarding NHS testing

Update 06/07/2020 

Regular testing in care homes (England)

Regular testing (retesting) for care homes in England will begin from 6 July. This involves care homes testing staff weekly and residents every 28 days.