Major Roadworks set to begin on local Motorways and A-Roads

Scroll down to read the official leaflet from Highways England on the upcoming works.

Roadworks are due to start on a number of schemes that will help improve safety and provide smoother and safer journeys. 

The following roadworks will take place over the next twelve months:

  • Resurfacing the M181 northbound carriageway
  • Surfacing the M180 between junctions 3 and 4
  • Replacing the road markings and road studs at junction 5 of the M180
  • Repairs to and resurfacing parts of the A180 carriageway
  • Renewing some of the road studs and road markings on the A160 between Brocklesby and Mamby
  • Carrying out maintenance work on the bridge carrying Woad Lane over the A180





The work will target particular locations where the surface is ageing so that the routes are smoother and the carriageway is more durable. To avoid years of disruption, this work will coincide with the maintenance taking place along the M181 by North Lincolnshire Council.


The urgent resurfacing of the M180 between junctions 3 and 1 began on Saturday 27th June, and will continue until the 19th July. The M181 Northern Carriageway will be resurfaced from the 13th July.

The rest of the work, which will start from August onwards, will be completed overnight when traffic flows are at their lowest. From September, the A180 Carriageway will be resurfaced through to January. In October, Road marks and studs will be added to Junction 5 on the M180, whilst maintenance work will begin on the A180 bridge.

What does this mean for me?


 M180 Resurfacing from Saturday 27th June

Full overnight closures westbound between junctions 3 to 1 from 27 June to 14 July

.          24/7 closures of westbound junction 2 entry and exit slip roads from Saturday 4 July to Tuesday 14 July

.          Single lane overnight running westbound between junctions 3 to 1 from Wednesday 15 July to Sunday 19 July

.          Single lane daytime running westbound between junctions 3 to 1 from Monday 29 June to Sunday 12 July

.          For safety there will be 50mph speed restrictions when the carriageway is down to a single lane

The diversion will be off the M180 at junction 3 following the A18 and re-joining the M180 at junction 1.


M181 Resurfacing from 13th July

To carry out the M181 resurfacing work we’ll be working overnight. We’ll also be closing the M180 junction 3 exit slip roads in both directions. Drivers travelling eastbound to Scunthorpe will leave the M180 at junction 2 travelling up the A161 to the A18 to Frodingham roundabout. Westbound traffic to Scunthorpe will be diverted off the M180 at junction 4 via the A18.  



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