Education Update: 30/07/20- Money for Our Colleges, Special School news

Further to my previous education update, I have more news regarding the new Free Special School following my meeting with the Council and CEO of the Wellspring Academy Trust- chosen to run the School. And I am happy to see the government provide up to £500k in grants to colleges in Scunthorpe.


Free Special School Update

It was a pleasure to meet the CEO of the Wellspring Academy Trust, who is set to run the new Special School in Scunthorpe, and to hear from him the Trust's track record in inclusive education. As I mentioned last week, this School will fill a gap in post-16 provision for SEN children in Scunthorpe, some of whom currently have to travel to Sheffield.

This new school will no doubt improve the higher education and employment prospects for our local SEN children, providing them with more opportunity later in their life. It will also satisfy the increasing demand for Special needs school places. SEN students will be able to move beyond the core curriculum and move into the arts, technology, catering and other specialist subjects. 

Subject to planning permission, the school should be built by 2021 and is anticipated to open by September 2022. 

Government Grants for John Leggott Colleges

I am delighted to see that both DN Colleges Group and John Leggott College will be benefitting from the government's College Collaboration Fund. This money is aimed at encouraging co-operation between colleges so that we have a strong, local Further Education sector.

The Education Minister has written to me about this news, and I have shared this letter with you below.

Grants of up to £500,000 will be given to lead colleges- DN Colleges being one of them- who will then fund programmes for partner colleges based on shared good practices. The government's spending criteria gives college leaders the autonomy to spend on what works for them and their partner/lead colleges- be it teaching, assessment, safeguarding or general student experience.

Colleges will get this money before the start of the academic year. I welcome this news and look forward to seeing the benefits for our post-16 learners.

This news is in addition to last week's announcement of extra funding for every pupil in Scunthorpe, along with the government's promise to help rebuild two colleges in Scunthorpe. You can read my last education update here.