COVID-19 Business Update 24/03/2020

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Update - 24/03/2020  



The Prime Minister's statement yesterday caused some confusion regarding what constitutes "crucial work". Today the Health Secretary and Cabinet Office Minister clarified that, with the exception of businesses that have been asked to close, people are still allowed to travel to work if they can not work from home. There will be extra guidance on safe workplace practices sometime this week. 


Support package for the self-employed to come

This morning I again asked the Government again to look into the issue regarding the lack of support for the self-employed. My understanding is that there should be a statement announcing the full package of support tomorrow. Will keep my eyes peeled. 


Further guidance for businesses expected to close

The Government has released further guidance for businesses expected to close. This includes the list of businesses and exceptions. This is an extremely important list which may include your business - please click here for the full document. 


Other key updates today:

Updated guidelines for business trading internationally

Coronavirus (COVID-19): early years and childcare closures

Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance for schools and other educational settings


Some good news: 

A ban on eviction for commercial tenants have been put in place to protect businesses that may miss rent payments during the crisis.

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