Covid Certifications Survey

Covid Certifications Survey

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I'm interested in local residents views on "Covid Certifications" (also known as vaccine passports). 

As it stands, discussions are still ongoing on if and how these would work. Although I suspect a Covid Certification will likely be some form of "pass" confirming either

•    If you have been vaccinated
•    If you have had a recent negative coronavirus test
•    If you have had a recent "antibody test" 

I would very much appreciate it if local residents could fill in the survey below so that I can be informed in my discussions with colleagues and Ministers in Parliament.

In what circumstances do you think Covid Certifications are acceptable? (Pick multiple)
What are your views with regards to the current restrictions? I have called for the government to review and reopen earlier if possible and safe.
Alternatively, you can reach me through my contact form or my email.