Upgrade Scunthorpe Hospital

I was born in Scunthorpe General Hospital, and so was my daughter. I am not happy with it's current state and I will be doing what I can to secure an "upgrade" for Scunthorpe Hospital. 

Earlier this year I worked with our local CCG to make sure that patients who have to travel to Grimsby for Oncology appointments will be taken care of, by getting our CCG to set up taxi services for those patients. I am also in close contact with our local NHS Trust and CCG. In Parliament I asked the Secretary of State of Health, Matt Hancock, to come visit Scunthorpe Hospital to talk to our doctors and nurses, and to see the improvements we urgently need.


Response to concerns by residents regarding NHS testing

Update 06/07/2020 

Regular testing in care homes (England)

Regular testing (retesting) for care homes in England will begin from 6 July. This involves care homes testing staff weekly and residents every 28 days.