Protect and promote our world-class British Steel


Times Article – Supporting our Steel Industry to Build Back Better

I have co-written an article in the Times Red Box with Steel Parliamentary Group co-chair Jessica Morden MP- lobbying the government to help us cut energy prices for steel as we compete internationally and move to low-carbon production. You can read it below or on the Times Website here.

Adjournment Debate intervention To Raise Awareness for British steel

Last week, I used the last debate before Recess to again raise awareness of our world-class steel. I highlighted how steelworks like ours could benefit from infrastructure projects down in Heathrow and beyond, and received a positive response from the Minister.

PMQs - asking the PM to use British steel for HS2

British steel is the best in the world, and we should be using it in our national infrastructure projects. On Wednesday, I asked the Prime Minister to make sure that there is British steel in HS2.

My first speech in Parliament

Today I delivered my "Maiden Speech" in Parliament. A "Maiden Speech" is a Member of Parliament's first "speech" in Parliament, where MPs give an introduction to themselves and their constituency.