Protect and promote our world-class British Steel

When I took my office I swore to do all I can to not only protect, but to promote our world-class British Steel. Since being elected I have had many, many meetings with Business Ministers to keep British Steel at the top of their agenda. I have visited Britsh Steel twice, including once with our new Business Scretary. 

In Parliament I got myself elected as co-Chair for the Steel Parliamentary Group, which helps me to work with other MPs and UK Steel groups to promote British Steel. When the Prime Minister announced his decision to carry on with British Steel I asked him on the spot to use our steel for its rails. I will continue to work flat out until our steelworks is secure, and once that is done I will promote our world-class steel within our country and internationally. 

My grandfather was a steelworker, many of my friends and family are steelworkers, I spent many days of my childhood in the Steeworks, the Steelworks is in the soul of Scunthrope and I will work flat out to protect it.  


Adjournment Debate intervention To Raise Awareness for British steel

Last week, I used the last debate before Recess to again raise awareness of our world-class steel. I highlighted how steelworks like ours could benefit from infrastructure projects down in Heathrow and beyond, and received a positive response from the Minister.

PMQs - asking the PM to use British steel for HS2

British steel is the best in the world, and we should be using it in our national infrastructure projects. On Wednesday, I asked the Prime Minister to make sure that there is British steel in HS2.

My first speech in Parliament

Today I delivered my "Maiden Speech" in Parliament. A "Maiden Speech" is a Member of Parliament's first "speech" in Parliament, where MPs give an introduction to themselves and their constituency.

Asking the Prime Minister to use British Steel for HS2

Today the Prime Minister announced his decision to green-light HS2, alongside his plans for further rail networks in the North through “Northern Powerhouse Rail”, and the allocation of an extra £5 billion to improve busses and cycling lanes nationally.